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We're Impostors-We're Impostors v1.5.1 MOD APK (Unlocked Skins)

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We're Impostors-We're Impostors v1.5.1 MOD APK (Unlocked Skins) introduction

We’re Impostors is an extremely attractive and lightweight action game. The character will do tasks such as pushing objects and slashing enemies and guardians to rescue teammates. They are imprisoned in the enemy’s place and waiting for you to come to free them. The game has many special levels. Characters can exchange different skills and weapons by collecting more and more gold coins. You will get treasure chests with lots of gold coins when your character kills enemies. There will be terrains like water and fire; you have to pay attention to which of your characters, like red or blue, are allowed to fall.


In We’re Impostors, players will control red and blue characters. The red character will kill the red enemy. When you encounter a blue enemy, you must switch to the blue character to destroy. You will have to collect enough killer letters to get a treasure chest with a weapon that is a robust glass. Your two characters will take turns slashing all the enemies on the crew to free their teammates.


On the rescue journey in We’re Impostors, you have to eat gold coins to unlock new rounds and collect coins with plus signs to increase resources.
Besides, the characters will quickly pick up weapons like knives to slash enemies. In more difficult levels, you will encounter enemies with weapons, and they will attack you again.


In this round, your two characters will fight each type of enemy. The first is an enemy with few blades corresponding to weak strength. Then there will be powerful enemies. You have to look at the enemy’s blades to upgrade your character to be able to defeat them. During the adventure, you will encounter the police chiefs guarding the posts; your task is also to destroy them to pass those posts.


There will be water terrain in the new level of We’re Impostors. If either character falls, you lose. On more challenging levels, your enemies will equip bombs on their heads. You will also lose if you fight over time without killing all the enemies. Your character will climb up the elevator and jump to other places like propellers and large crates to unlock to save teammates.

We’re Impostors has a relaxing yet stimulating gameplay. Players will combine the power of two red and blue characters to destroy all the enemies on the crew. In this adventure, many pitfalls require a skillful combination of the strengths and skills of the two characters. In addition, it is also important to collect many items. It helps you upgrade weapons, unlock new rounds, and accumulate health to destroy the most potent enemies. You must pay attention to the red character staying away from the water terrain, and the green character should not go through the fireplace. Players must control two characters well to identify the enemy and choose the exemplary character to destroy them.

KEY FEATURES OF THE GAMEThe game’s capacity is very light, and the graphic interface is simple but very attractiveThe game effects are very nice, and the traps are very cleverly arrangedThere are zoom in and out buttons for better viewingCan change costumes and weapons for characters such as ninja, naruto, samurai, and cowboysUnlock all levels and modern equipment by watching adsCan join lucky spin to get coin, skin, and weapons

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